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About IMO

The founding directors of IMO, Dave Symons and Steve McGhee, first crossed paths while studying extractive metallurgy in the early 1980’s. After graduating both worked at a wide range of mine sites, ran metallurgical testwork laboratories and participated in engineering/development projects throughout Australia and overseas.

In 1998 Dave and Steve started a company focused on providing quality metallurgical services. Independent Metallurgical Laboratories (IML) was acquired from a leading engineering company and Independent Metallurgical Operations (IMO) was registered.

The key concept of the group was to assist its clients to scope, manage and interpret metallurgical testwork and apply this knowledge into project development options, process design and plant optimization i.e., Everything Metallurgy.

Since 2011 the laboratory has traded under the name of Metallurgy Pty Ltd.

IMO and Metallurgy have assisted clients with metallurgical aspects of more than 500 resource projects worldwide.

Our Vision

To be a leader, continually improving and value adding for our clients, maximising the potential of the resources available through either conventional or innovative technologies.

To be a leader in metallurgical services and integrate metallurgy with other disciplines to assist our clients to select the best development options for their mineral resources.

To continue to be an equal opportunity employer who value our team and provide a safe, all-inclusive working environment that enables them to continue to learn, enhance their reputation and enjoy a healthy work/lifestyle balance.

To have a team that is willing and capable to meet the everchanging needs of the resource sector especially as many projects are relying more heavily on novel processes and downstream processing.

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