imo consulting services

We specialise in metallurgy and process flowsheet development. IMO's goal is to allow our clients to make the best decisions to maximise their profit. We do this by scrutinizing the metallurgical characteristics of an orebody, and/or the performance of an existing metallurgical processing plant.

For 20 years the IMO consulting team has provided specialist advice to more than 500 clients, in a range of areas including metallurgical test-work, engineering design, process plant improvements, due diligence, as well as mine site management.

IMO Consulting Services can help you in;

sample selection

Selecting metallurgically representative samples in conjunction with your geological team, to ensure valid, robust, reproducible and auditable samples for your testing program.

A strong and transparent sample selection process reduces project risk, improves project confidence and ultimately project viability.


Ore mineralogy is instrumental in the recovery, final grade and overall economics of any mineral separation process.

IMO know that investigating the minerals present, alteration stage, lithology and competing minerals are critical when designing test-work programs, feasibility studies and processing plants.

scoping studies

Knowing where to start with a new orebody, or restarting an old mine can be daunting. IMO has the industry experience to run high level evaluations and determine what options are available to treat new or changing orebodies.

We can also determine and design how existing processing plants can treat material they weren't originally designed for.

feasibility studies

The profitability of an ore deposit depends on the balance between the costs of extracting product from the ore, versus the income from selling the final concentrate.

With excellent flowsheet design, combined with technical and economic perspectives, we specialise in unlocking the value of mining projects.

process design

Critical to successful mining is to design a process plant so that it profitably processes the ore it treats. Getting the design right, early in the project cycle, is paramount to this.

IMO prides itself in using all components of its business - consulting, operations and in-house metallurgical testing, to glean the right information to reduce risk and maximise project success.

client representation

Mining companies and executives are masters in their fields, but are often stretched for time and have expertise in their own specific areas of mining.

IMO offer a service to act on behalf of the mining client to liaise, organise and even project manage multiple mining disciplines such as geological consultancies, engineering firms, and even investment firms to help make mining projects successful.

due diligence

Understanding if a project is technically and commercially viable is crucial. While comparing two seemingly identical geological projects, finding more favourable metallurgical characteristics may be the difference between profit and loss.

IMO has a proven track record in the independent assessment of greenfield and brownfield projects in Australia and around the world.

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