Finding operating staff for any mine site can be time consuming and difficult. In addition, finding flexible specialist technical staff such as metallurgists and metallurgical technicians to commission, operate, and optimise process plants can be arduous.

For 20 years, IMO has sourced candidates and managed the HR process so you can get people onsite and into production, fast.

To do this, we have a database of over 600 metallurgists, metallurgical technicians, laboratory technicians, and process plant managers to draw on.

Meanwhile, with trust and relationships being a core value of IMO, we maintain close relationships with both clients and contractors, and approval is sought before we pass on CVs for consideration.

Whether it is short term coverage for someone on leave, longer project based assignments, commissioning of new or brownfield sites, or even full contract management of process plant personnel, IMO will help you.

IMO operations

plant operations

Providing metallurgists, technicians, or managers to step into existing operations when you are short staffed, have people on leave, or the hiring process is taking too long and you need someone right away;

lab personnel

Providing metallurgical technicians, laboratory technicians, and laboratory managers on a contract basis;

mine site recruitment

Giving our clients the option of sourcing all full-time laboratory and process plant staff;


We can provide full metallurgical teams to work with your engineering provider, or after handover to commission your mining project until you have your team in place;

contract operations

Similar to the contract mining concept, IMO can provide and manage all process plant personnel to operate your process plant on a contract basis;

metallurgical accounting

Knowing a mine�s inventory, work-in-progress, recovery and losses are critical to a mining project's viability. IMO can provide metallurgical accountants to ensure your mining process is operating the way it was designed;


IMO's vision is to raise the profile of metallurgy in the mining sector. Part of this vision is to provide training to non-metallurgical personnel as well as assisting onsite metallurgists to improve their working knowledge.