Santana Minerals ASX Announcement

Rise and shine – Promising results for early stages of open-pit mining!

We are excited to share the latest testwork results from the Rise and Shine deposit, part of Santana Mineral’s Bendigo-Ophir Gold Project, in NZ. Our recent metallurgical tests, aimed at representing the expected ore feed during the initial stages of open-pit mining, have yielded valuable insights under the expert guidance of both IMO and MACA Interquip.

Key results include:
– The sample exhibits moderate abrasivity and is moderately hard, requiring medium to high power input for grinding.
– A leach recovery rate of 93.6% after 24 hours, with a grind size of 106 μm, showcasing free milling processing characteristics.
– Low reagent consumption (0.49kg/t of CN and 0.11kg/t of lime after 48 hours), indicating low operating reagent costs.
– Initial assessments suggest that a pyrite flotation circuit will not be required in the recovery process.

Damian Spring, CEO of Santana Minerals, is thrilled to “To achieve such high gold recoveries using a conventional gravity and CIL gold processing flowsheet […].”

Looking ahead, Lia Cherico, along with her team at IMO, is eager to delve deeper into forthcoming metallurgical tests, including leach tests on variability composites, cyanide destruction, tailings characterization, and solid/liquid separation.

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